Balanspine Concept

Schroth Method

  • Treatment System

    The Schroth System from Germany

  • Most suitable for

    Children, adolescents, patients that have been treated with bracing.


Pioneer of Scoliosis Correction

The founder Katharina Schroth also suffered from severe scoliosis. By trying to treat herself, she built a solid foundation for non-surgical scoliosis treatment. Since 1920, the effectiveness of the Schroth approach on slowing down the progression of scoliosis has been well recognized. The Schroth approach is regarded as the optimal principle to treat scoliosis. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, Katharina’s grandson, modified its classic concept with medical knowledge of modern times, and the current Schroth Best Practice was thus established. The Schroth system involves bracing with corrective exercise to make it easier for the patient to quickly gain control over the direction of their self-correction.

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