Balanspine Concept


  • Treatment System

    The FITS system from Poland

  • Most suitable for

    Children, Adolescents, patients with mild-moderate curvatures, and patients with rigid mobility.


Scoliosis Functional Individual Theropeutic Approach

Originated in Poland, FITS was well received by its local medical community, and has ever since started to thrive elsewhere. Now it is one of the seven major systems for scoliosis correction in the world. The founders, Marianna Bialek and Andrzej M’hango, analyzed various factors that affected the curvature from multiple perspectives, including bone alignments, muscle anatomy, tissue tension, joint movements, nerve adjustments, and so on. It has proven in many documented medical papers to effectively correct mild and moderate curvatures, and lower the risk of early onset progression. FITS focuses on the overall function of the patient. In addition to different types of the curvature, FITS also takes into account the level of vertebral movement in each patient, muscle tensions, loss of proprioception, breathing patterns, and the limitation experienced in everyday activities. The factors that affect the curvature are identified and adjusted to achieve treatment with the highest precision possible. This system can enhance the patient’s ability to control body postures and improve balance in motion. Ms. Ding was certified in 2019 by Marianna Białek and Andrzej M'hango.

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