Balanspine Concept


  • Treatment System

    The BSPTS System from Barcelona

  • Most suitable for

    Adolescents, adults, patients with moderate-severe curvatures.


Top-Notch Scoliosis School

Dr. Manuel Rigo, a heavy-weight master of scoliosis, has been highly acknowledged around the globe both in evidence-based and in clinical treatment of scoliosis. He is the founder of the BSPTS and has served several terms as chair of the SOSORT (Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment).
Derived from the Schroth system, the BSPTS developed an even more advanced and rigorous scoliosis treatment system that focuses on individual differences among patients as well as the integration of correction with daily activities. Ms. Ding was personally mentored with the BSPTS techniques by Dr. Rigo in 2014. To stay in tandem with the latest professional developments, she has constantly revisited the institute ever since. She also helps tutor medical professionals from many countries.

Ms. Ting is an officially certified teacher with BSPTS from 2020】

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