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We accompany you on the journey of fighting scoliosis.
BalanSpine – Master of Scoliosis – An integrative Center for Scoliosis

"What brought scoliosis onto me?

is a question that has been puzzling many of our patients.

In fact, over 90 percent of the cases are “idiopathic,” meaning “having unknown causes.” What matters is to find a way to stop its progression and to seek a treatment program most 

Idiopathic scoliosis refers to the case where a detorsional force inflicted on the spine causes its lateral displacement and deformation during puberty. The symptoms include a skewed torso, asymmetric humps, concavities on the lumbar region, and slumping postures. The quality of a patient’s life is thus seriously affected, and the patient often suffers from a high risk of physical impairment.

Our mission at BalanSpine is to work with you on facing scoliosis, knowing what it is, reshaping your knowledge about your own body, and regaining your confidence. Eventually, we will help you regain a healthy physical balance.

Many of our patients have succeeded in ceasing the progression of scoliosis through their one-on-one treatment programs. The postures of their bodies and the quality of their lives have improved significantly.

BalanSpine, the first institute in Taiwan that brings in international mainstream treatment systems, is an advanced non-surgical medical center for scoliosis. Customized, highly precise treatment programs are provided for individual patients through professional consultations, diagnoses, as well as assessments of progression risks and specific needs.

The staff of BalanSpine constantly attends major medical forums and conferences held around the globe to maintain communication with experts in the profession so as to offer the most up-to-date techniques in the path of treating scoliosis.


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